That reknowned bastion of hiphop journalism, Forbes, flew out to Morocco to hear less than a minute of the new, one-of-one Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin:

At the end of the snippet—cue the super awkward ginning-and-head-nodding listening scene—a husky voice declares "WU-TANG, BABY. THEY ROCK THE WORLD".

The album's producer, Morrocan-Dutch rapper/producer Cilvaringz, asks Forbes' Zack Greenberg "that voice sound familiar"?

"Yeeeah", Greenberg immediately answers, "It sounds a little bit like Cher"! Then they chuckle, o-ho-ho.

What is this? Since when does Forbes make rap infomercials? Why is it that Raekwon, who's been so recently vocal about his displeasure with the RZA, and refusing to be involved with their other new album A Better Tomorrow, hasn't said anything about Shaolin's totally bizarre rollout?