(Lo-Fi) There’s enough weirdness on this local bill to keep you twitching and gasping for hours. Stalebirth tap into a strange vein of ectoplasmic improv in which mesmerism and chaos vie for supremacy. There’s a fascinating, hallucinatory shapelessness to their new album OddEyePuss that hints at some of Smegma and No-Neck Blues Band’s output. Rainbow Wolves (Randall Skrásek) plays drums and keyboards for Hypatia Lake, This Blinding Light, and Soft Hills, so you know he’s a psych-rock mensch. As Rainbow Wolves, Skrásek’s in one-man synthesizer-commando mode. Galvanizing as his rock exploits are, Rainbow Wolves might be the more mind-warping proposition—a seemingly infinite slipstream of interstellar tone saturation. Marcus Price is another electronic musician with a very unusual sonic vocabulary. His music harks back to golden-age IDM’s ethos of causing disorientation and exploring the most extreme potentialities of your gear. Hearing his tracks, you think he must be high on the distant future’s best drugs. DAVE SEGAL
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(Crocodile) Local punk troublemakers Chastity Belt have a song on their debut album titled “Pussy Weed Beer." While it's a clever bit of satire aimed at the current state of popular rap, spitter/crooner Devin the Dude has mined that seemingly limited territory to brilliant results for some time. What sets the Dude apart from your dime-a-dozen bottle-popping rapper is the uniquely melancholy view of the hedonistic lifestyle he describes, exemplified in the brilliant “Doobie Ashtray”: "What you gonna do when the people go home and you wanna smoke weed but the reefer's all gone?" Followed by this jaw-dropper: "Somebody had the nerve to take the herb out of my doobie ashtray, why they do me that way?" The humor, the bittersweetness over such a petty slight, over a lackadaisical bed of gorgeous wah-wah guitars and a slowed funk drum track: this is what makes Devin special. His beats for the most part eschew samples and drum machines, in favor of twilit guitars, understated percussion, and the occasional brass or organ, all playing as a pitch-perfect backdrop for Devin's stoned musings on his life, the music industry, and the aforementioned P.W.B. He’s one of the most underrated performers out there, so don’t sleep. KYLE FLECK
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Berlin producer Pantha Du Prince is one smooth mofo. In the minimal-techno realm, few can concoct a more beautiful, bell-toned melody than the mensch known to his accountant as Hendrik Weber. When you hear PDP’s music in a club, you can’t help moving with significantly lighter steps and greater gracefulness. His work may have the rigor of an academic composer, but Pantha Du Prince cares just as much about the pleasure principle as he does an advanced tonal vocabulary. For this tour, he’s debuting new material, to be realized by his Triad group, featuring American guitarist Scott Mou and Norwegian drummer Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg. Pantha Du Prince has earned our trust that this new approach will yield rich dividends. DAVE SEGAL
Neumos, 8 pm, $15 adv, 21+.
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(El Corazon) Up the punx. That’s exactly what SoCal street punk legends Total Chaos have been doing since 1989. While many of their peers watered down their sound in an effort to become more commercially successful and radio-friendly, these mohawked maniacs from Pomona kept it as raw and gritty as possible, releasing a handful of sing-along-worthy, anthemic records, touring the world, working for nonprofits, and even starting their own street-punk specialty label, SOS Records. For anyone who says, “Punk is dead,” take a night to see for yourself—it’s alive and well and ready to rage. KEVIN DIERS
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