What the New York Times did in nearly 30,000 words last year with Dasani, an impoverished girl in New York City, The Guardian does now in a seamless interweaving of text, moving images and sounds with Mahmuda Akhter, a Bangladeshi garment worker, on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse. It brings you to her level and suddenly, she is not invisible.

It's not pointless poverty porn, nor is it dry-as-bones wonkery. It's immersive and absorbing, bringing you as close as one imagines is possible to the reality of the people making your clothes, short of going there. It drops you into the slums of Dhaka and even into the blackness of the collapsed factory itself, and surrounds you.

It's unforgettable. It's why we need a day like May Day.

Spend time with it. Then think about what you can do.