Remember how the Federal Communications Commission killed off net neutrality (again) a few weeks ago? Well, the news below is big part of why, even though it crashes more than I'd like, I still use Firefox—and look, there's a new shiny version available. I like supporting a perfectly solid browser made by good people, still fighting against the sweeping tide of attempts to corporatize the Internet:

Mozilla might not be as big as Google or Netflix in most consumers’ minds but as the maker of the popular Firefox browser, it does have some clout. That’s why it’s noteworthy that Mozilla on Monday recommended that the Federal Communications Commission use the “nuclear option” against Internet service providers by reclassifying them as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act...

“Categorizing remote delivery services as telecommunications services is consistent with the guidelines set by both Congress and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, and would give the FCC ample ability to adopt and enforce meaningful net neutrality,” Mozilla writes. “With clear authority and effective rules, ISPs would be prevented from blocking or discriminating against any edge provider, whether on a wireline or wireless network.”

While both Google and Netflix have paid lip service in the past to support net neutrality, neither of them as gone on the record supporting reclassifying ISPs as common carriers. However, if they were to add their voices to Mozilla’s, it would be a potential game changer that would set up the biggest battle between the tech industry and another industry since the great SOPA fight of 2012.

Plus, nowadays Google creeps me out.