Once upon a midnight dreary, Thursday night at Neighbours was THE thing—it was a mob scene, the party to beat, an indispensable big gay institution. (It's true!) The night was called Rock Lobster, a retro dance night, hosted by Mark Finley. Alas, the years were unkind, and the fags eventually thinned to a trickle. They tried to keep the old girl on life support, but (after decades, for Christ's sake!) she has finally croaked and gone to gay heaven. Don't cry too hard—her suffering is over now. And so! As the wheel turns and the old allegedly gives birth to the new, Sinfinite Productions (aka Jimmy Scarpello and Arden Turnbull) have crafted a brand-spankin'-new Neighbours Thursday night called HollaBack Thursdays that promises to fudge-pack 'em in once again. And they are off to a good start: The weekly event is hosted by the brilliant and way undersung drag queen Isaac Scott, who has resigned from Julia's after a six-year run to take the helm of the new night. Isaac is an energetic host and a consummate performer, and she's bringing in guest talent every week to dazzle and delight you. I am confident she can get Thursday night's heart beating once more. With DJ Brett Law. Neighbours, 10 pm, $3, 21+.

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