HAPPY 79th BIRFDAY, Mr. Otis Rush!!! I'm so GLAD YOU'RE STILL KICKING! I know no one can live forever, but dag, there ain't many heavies from the '50s/60s left, so, WELL DONE, sir! Rush, of course, is known for a handful of '50s/60s R&B classics he recorded solo, duetting, and backing others (like the mighty Magic Sam) across numerous labels: Cobra, Chess, Duke, Vanguard, etc. I can't pick a most fave Otis Rush track, his catalog is massive, so I'll let y'all dig on the dramatic cool of "My Love Will Never Die."

Also, I'm GLAD YOU'RE STILL KICKING, famous country & western star: Willie Nelson; Mr. Nelson turned 81 today!! Dag.