Hoo boy, the Seattle Times sure loves Kshama Sawant! Or, more specifically, they love announcing that she's a winner—but, being edgy, they like to declare her win before the political outcome is decided, a "no matter what happens" kind of winner.

Seriously, this is entertaining. Danny Westneat, on October 26, 2013:

The election isn’t for 10 days, but we can already declare the big winner in Seattle.

It’s the socialist.

(He also said she "probably won’t win election herself." What she'd won, he argued, was the debate, since her platform was being embraced by more mainstream candidates.)

And now Jonathan Martin, this morning:

No matter what happens in the $15 wage debate, Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant has already won.

Hey, Council Member Sawant, have I got a hot tip for you! Since you keep "winning" no matter what the actual political outcome is, fuck it! Dedicate this week to taking some time off and drinking cocktails near a lake in all this beautiful sunny weather we're having. You can't lose!

"Whether she falls asleep on the beach before finishing her novel or she decides to go for a walk around the park, brazen socialist Kshama Sawant will have already won." But hey, I'm no politician. You do you.