Seriously, Steel Wool were one of the most entertaining, and rockin', local bands of the late '90s. They played noise-drenched garage rock, AKA hi-energy rock and roll (if you remember thats what the kids were callin' it), which, live, often teetered on INSANITY! Okay, not really insanity, but their gettin' DOWN could get real wild and ragged! (sigh) Oh, how I miss them.

From what I can tell, Steel Wool aren't much remembered. I guess when the kids went "angular" and/or "party," around 2000 or so, all the old bands drifted away or changed to sorta dog-leg into relevance. Whatever. If you have a few minutes dig this live Steel Wool clip from 1995 when they were featured on local public access show Rock! Rock! Rock!.