(Showbox Sodo) Since the dawn of the ’00s, Drive-By Truckers have been one of America's best and hardest-working bands, releasing a slew of stellar albums and always delivering in full live. With the new English Oceans, the great band is distinguished by a duo—singer/songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Mike Cooley and singer/songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Patterson Hood, who between them wrote and sang all of the record's songs. The result is a uniquely focused DBT record, packed with eloquent lyrics and music that doesn't give a shit about eloquent lyrics (see the final two minutes of the single, "Pauline Hawkins.") Opening the show: Charleston, SC folk duo Shovels & Rope. DAVID SCHMADER
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(Paramount) One of the most popular acts in the housing-bubble-esque EDM scene, Ellie Goulding's accessible brand of electro-pop made the perfect soundtrack to that trailer for the second season of Girls—you know, the one where Lena Dunham's rolling through that club in her mesh tanktop. She makes the sort of overblown, maximalist music that gives you the sensation that this is your moment, this is going to be the night that changes everything, this kiss is what it's all been leading to. In our age of anxiety and listlessness, folks seem to be finding necessary escapism in these gargantuan 4/4 anthems, whether those epic feelings are earned or not. There's no denying the catchiness and melodicism in Goulding's music; one just wishes the end result didn't feel so focus-grouped. KYLE FLECK
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