Carolyn Kellogg on the Jacket Copy blog reports that the estate of David Foster Wallace has issued a strongly worded statement against The End of the Tour, a movie based on Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky's interviews with Wallace. Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg were photographed filming the movie last month. In part, the statement reads:

The Trust was given no advance notice that this production was underway and, in fact, first heard of it when it was publicly announced. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no circumstance under which the David Foster Wallace Literary Trust would have consented to the adaptation of this interview into a motion picture, and we do not consider it an homage... The individuals and companies involved with the production were made keenly aware of the substantive reasons for the Trust’s and family’s objections to this project, yet persisted in capitalizing upon a situation that leaves those closest to David unable to prevent the production. The Trust will continue to review its legal options with respect to any commercial exploitation of the motion picture

From the lame source material to this statement, it's getting really hard for David Foster Wallace fans to cozy up to this movie.