• Erin Spencer

This Sunday is the 15th annual Easter Sunday service by Pastor Kaleb Hagen-Kerr. I can't wait.

Pastor Kaleb gave his first official service in the streets during Seattle's WTO protests in 1999. A carpenter by trade (naturally), he and a friend built two coffins (two adult-sized, one child-sized) using spare plywood from a job site and led a procession through the tear-gassy, chaotic, screaming melee that would eventually force journalists and the general public to ask, for the first time in a long time, why anyone would oppose an organization like the WTO.

The experience, as I wrote in this profile of Pastor Kaleb a few years ago, hit a rare chord for him, a chord almost unique to protest theater—it was earnest satire, simultaneously arch and sincere. He kept exploring that chord, hosting "church picnics," holiday services, and Sunday services that danced between irony and seriousness. There's nothing quite like it.

Over the years, he's attract a congregation he has described as "the defunct and disoriented"—lots of theater and dance people, burlesque dancers, musicians, comedians, and other folks who are thirsty for some honest-feeling echo of the church communities of their childhoods without any of the bullshit. (You can read an account of last year's service over here.)

Pastor Kaleb's Easter Sunday service begins at noon at the Century Ballroom, with social hour starting at 11 am. It is, as always, free. Bring something generous to put in the hat. Booze available and kids welcome.