The Grudgemaster
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Emily Nokes: "Tonight, I'm going to get stoned to the bone and check out the strange musical offerings of Goat at Neumos. Tomorrow, I'll probably pop into the Afghan Whigs show at the Showbox since I've never seen them live. Other than that, I have quite a bit of tour laundry to put away, and I need to hit Mud Bay to pick up some extra-fancy cat food for a certain feline who is mad at me for being gone for over a month."

Charles Mudede: "I'm reading a book by Ole Bjerg, a Dane, called Making Money: The Philosophy of Crisis Capitalism. It's proved so far to be a funny and entertaining work that shows philosophy, and specifically ontology, is much more useful for making sense of economics than mathematics."

Paul Constant: "I'm going to go see The Raid 2 at some point this week. I understand it has car chases in it."

David Schmader: "Tonight: another installment of RuPaul's Drag Race (now Laganja Estranja-free!) Tomorrow, I'm hosting the Comedy Womb at the Rendezvous. And on Friday, I'm hoping to go see Otto Preminger's Laura on the big screen at the Henry."

I SHALL NEVER FORGET the weekend Laura died
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  • "I shall never forget the weekend Laura died"