Women's Pay Equity: Still fucked. Equal Pay Day is a good reminder that women's pay equity is still fucked.

Change Your Goddamned Passwords: What we know right now about Heartbleed. Also: Fuck the NSA.

What's Wrong with Dial-Up? Mayor Murray gestures toward broadband internet.

Fifteen Is the Angriest Number: Big business is hiding behind small business on the $15/hour fight. Brendan Kiley goes and drags real numbers into this heated, emotional argument. But heated, emotional arguments happen anyway. A couple of times. At least there's a very funny site poking fun at all this.

Disagreeing with Andrew Sullivan: Dominic Holden tells Sullivan that some gay people can't shop somewhere else.

Andy + Vera = <3: Get excited about Andy Fife, the new interim executive director at the Vera Project.

Broken Glass: I went to visit the Google Glass showcase in SoDo last week, but Anthony Hecht's review was so spot-on that I didn't feel the need to add my opinion. All I can say is: You know how dumb Google Glass looks? It's even dumber when you're actually trying to use it.

A Whiter Shade of Pale: Danielle Henderson dissects the horrific American Blogger trailer.

Homophobic Bigots Should Love Deathtrap: Dan Savage writes theater criticism. (P.S. I agree: Deathtrap is great.)

Everybody Get Drunk and Fight! Anna Minard on the secret greatness of Everett.

Jäger Dong: Jäger Dong!

Is Winter Coming? One Game of Thrones poll. Another Game of Thrones poll.