Dear Slog,

This just in from a reader, subject line "Slog tip":

This isn't really a tip, just a question, because I don't know who else to ask. On December 6th, I was at my favorite Seattle dive and saw a cockroach in their dining area. I haven't been back since.

I don't even want to name them and besmirch their reputation, but they were my favorite.

I've done periodic web searches and no one else seems to be talking about cockroaches there, so does that mean it's not an infestation? Maybe it wandered in from next door?

It's just that I heart them so much, so I want to know how to know when it's safe to go back—or must there always be a perfect-mozzarella-stick-sized gap in my life from now until forever?

I'd appreciate any help, from actual advice to a legally binding Slog poll.

Thank you,

We'll start with a basic (and yes, legally binding) poll, but this question is far more complex than just when people consider it safe to go back... WWSD? And why would Slog do it?