ZUFAN ABEBE at Shewaber. Not pictured: cinematic awning at dusk.
  • Kelly O
  • ZUFAN ABEBE at Shewaber. Not pictured: cinematic awning at dusk.

Charles Mudede: "One day this week (probably Thursday), I will visit Shewaber in Little Saigon. Shewaber is an Ethiopian restaurant run by the same woman, Zufan Abebe, who ran the popular Mesob. Shewaber's food is great and its awning is very cinematic at dusk."

Dave Segal: "I'm going to see Roxy Music legend Bryan Ferry at McCaw Hall tonight and then catching the British minimalist electronic trio Factory Floor at Barboza on Tuesday and cult Italian disco star Alexander Robotnick Thursday, also at Barboza."

Kelly O: "'Mo-Wave Queer Music and Arts kicks off Thursday evening with a visual art show at True Love Gallery. I can't wait to see what Narcissister hath wrought!"

David Schmader: Tonight: RuPaul's Drag Race, where, if there is any justice on this earth, Ben Delacreme will continue to rule and Laganja Enstranja will get a giant boot in the butt. On Thursday night I'm going to see Lady Rizo at the Triple Door. The rest of my entertainment hours will be spent finally watching Breaking Bad. (I just started season 4, and I've got a really good feeling about this buying-a-car-wash plan.)

Danielle Henderson: "I’m spring cleaning—building shelves to turn our walk-in closet into a library because my husband and I own more books than we do clothes. I’ll be donating as many books as possible to Seattle7Writers."

Paul Constant: "I'm excited to go to the Michael Lewis reading at Town Hall tonight and learn what the excitement over his new book is about. And on Wednesday, I'll be going to Third Place Ravenna for a lunchtime event with Walter Kirn."

Bethany Jean Clement: "I'm going to see anarchist/former-Adbusters-editor/Occupy-Wall-Street-guy Micah White give a lecture at University of Puget Sound on Wednesday... other than that, this week is mercifully TBD."

Krishanu Ray: "I'm going to try to enjoy the nice weather while remarking loudly to passersby, 'gorgeous weather we've been having this week!' and smiling feverishly."

Brendan Kiley: "I'm seeing White's lecture as well. He spoke at the Smoke Farm Symposium last summer (about trying to politicize/radicalize rural areas). He’s a polarizing figure with strong ideas, particularly about “leaderless revolution." You can listen to his talk here. I’m also going to see 'Bethany' at ACT Theatre this week."

EMILY CHISHOLM shows marked frustration while cleaning what appears to be shaving cream graffiti in SRTs Bethany
  • Courtesy of ACT
  • EMILY CHISHOLM overflows with aggravation while cleaning what appears to be shaving cream graffiti in ACT's Bethany