MICKEY ROONEY IS DEAD  Here he is arriving at the premiere of The Muppets in 2011.

The Largest Election in World History: Commencing today in India.

"Any time the world's most populous democracy goes to the polls, it's a momentous undertaking," reports CNN. "But with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stepping aside after a decade in charge, analysts say voting will take on an even greater significance this time around, with the country potentially poised on the cusp of a new political era."

Mickey Rooney: Hollywood legend dead at age 93.

Malaysia Flight 370: Searchers announce "most promising" lead yet.

Up to 33: The death toll from the Oso landslide.

47-Year-Old Man Shot Dead in Downtown Seattle: "Witnesses told police after 2 a.m., two men were fighting at Fifth Avenue and Olive Way," reports KIRO. "Then they said one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other man." The suspected gunman remains at large.

Solomon Islands Flash Floods: At least 19 dead with an estimated 49,000 left homeless.

Flying Sucks Part 3,298,441: Man attempts suicide on flight from Dubai.

Blessed Be the Money-Launderers: Pope backs sketchy Vatican bank.

Oh for God's Sake: Two female movie stars wearing the same color does not constitute a duel.

Finally, happy birthday to Billie Holiday, the American musical genius born on this day (as Eleanora Fagan) in 1915.