ARE YOU THE PERSON WHO GRAFFITIED THIS? Its at the new Comet, which is a weird-feeling place, Kelly O says. Im convinced its because of Russia.
  • ARE YOU THE PERSON WHO GRAFFITIED THIS? It's at the new Comet, which is a weird-feeling place, Kelly O says. I'm convinced it's because of Russia.

The Boy Scouts Fire Seattle Scoutmaster for Being Gay: Geoffrey McGrath, we stand with you and your husband. The Boy Scouts is claiming don't ask, don't tell.

Palestine Says, Um, We're a Country Already: President Abbas's administration basically walks out of negotiations with the U.S. and Israel and independently applies to 15 international orgs.

You Have to Meet Habiba Sarobi!: And other women who are running for office in Saturday's national elections in Afghanistan. Habiba Sarobi is on a "leading" ticket as a candidate for vice president. A decade ago, I interviewed a room of women outside Kandahar. The elders were the most righteously angry people I've ever met or hope to meet. Even if Habiba Sarobi comes to harm for her stance, look at her face in the New York Times photo. Naturally, the Taliban is already attacking to disrupt elections; a suicide bomber hit the Interior Ministry today.

Coastal Community Bank of Everett, You Are Kind: Bigger banks are not erasing mortgages for homes erased by mud.

Bombs at Cairo University: Fears of an increase in violence leading up to May elections.

Almost 150,000 Signed Up on State Insurance Marketplace: Short of Washington's goal of 280,000, but there's not a lot of information on what it all means yet. And this note at the end of the story is interesting: "This story was produced through a partnership with Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent part of the Kaiser Family Foundation."

This Sounds Funny But It's Scary: Man with a protection order against him allegedly follows his ex-girlfriend on her date to the Red Lobster in Tacoma, and is accused of attacking the new man with a hammer.

Smart Coffee Mug? Talking Bears?: A web site briefly appeared, then was taken down, that described Microsoft's plans to roboticize certain objects, to get into the "Internet of Things."

The Internet of Things has become a buzzword in the industry that describes the integration of smart technology and Web connections in devices that have heretofore not had such innovations. A smart coffee mug would fit into that category, as would talking bears.

What's the Worst Part of "French Artist Starts Fortnight Inside Bear"?: "The performance piece will see him eat, drink, sleep and relieve himself inside the sterilised carcass of a bear while being filmed by two cameras."

Concerned Citizen Says Athletes Aren't Best Served by Unionizing: Except that he's also on the board of the NCAA and he's the president of the University of Delaware. What he meant to say is he won't be best served by athletes unionizing.

Not Enough Snow in California to End Drought: The spring snow pack hasn't been this paltry in 25 years.

Vitamin D Is Your Friend: Two studies link low levels to bad diseases.

I Would Like to Say That Farts Killed Almost All Life on Earth 252 Million Years Ago: Scientists are newly blaming "methane-spewing microbes," after all. However!

Keep in mind, not all farts are flammable.

If you have not yet seen "Gates of Heaven," Errol Morris's 1978 documentary about two pet cemeteries in California, here is a classic character from the movie:

In The New Yorker, Mark Singer performs a lovely exegesis on the lady in the doorway, who turns out to be named Florence Rasmussen:

With an arresting instinct for symmetry, Florence Rasmussen manages to contradict most of what she has to say. It seems that she knows certain things, but then, in the next moment, she trots out contrary information: I have roots with the earth; I'm lost in this world. People have been very good to me; I'm all alone, surrounded by strangers, my own flesh and blood treats me badly. I have a health problem that's real; I protest too much. I'd like to drive my car; but I might not even have a car any longer, might have to buy a new one. I bought my son - O.K., he's not my son, he's my grandson - a new car; well, I didn't pay for the whole thing, I gave him four hundred dollars, but anyway I want my money back. His boss - Hold on, he has a different boss. He hauls sand for a living; nope, he's got that office job now. He's not the marrying kind; he was married once. He has no children; he's been involved in a paternity suit. I'll never grow old; I'm so old people can't believe it. Even though I can't walk, people my age as a rule don't get around like I do.