Tonight at 7 pm, Cinerama is screening a documentary about LA based Stones Throw Records called Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton. The film features original music by Madlib, never-before-seen footage, and interviews with Peanut Butter Wolf, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Common, Mike D, ?uestlove, Talib Kweli, Tyler, The Creator, Ariel Pink, Flying Lotus, Geoff Barrow (Portishead), A-Trak, Mayer Hawthorne, and more. Since 1996, Stones Throw has been a left-of-center hip hop institution. They consistently put out different, and vital forms of soul, electro, disco, and psychedelia.

WIN TICKETS: The first person to email freetickets@thestranger.com with the word "STONES" in the subject line, wins two tickets. More showtimes, and tickets for purchase here.

UPDATE: TICKETS GONE, Congrats, Tyler!

Short interview with Stones Throw founder Chris Manak after the jump...

Stones Throw founder, Peanut Butter Wolf (Chris Manak) spoke from Paris. He’s currently on a tour promoting the documentary in Europe.

Is it just Euro-raves all night every night over there?
I'm doing seventeen shows and fifteen screening Q&As in seventeen days. I've had two days off, which were really just travel days, but DJ’d three times in Paris last night. It’s basically been a show and Q&A a day. I'm on the three hours of sleep a day plan.

How's the European hip hop?
I don't know.

Have you been digging much for music over there?
I went to a record collector’s house. They showed me all these rare records and wouldn't sell me any. That was good and bad.

What surprised you the most during the making of Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton?
What surprised me most personally, was seeing old footage that I didn't know, or didn't remember existed. Watching it was kinda like the old TV show This Is Your Life.

Watch out for those European weed gummy bears. They come in sneaky shapes. Don’t put anything in your mouth at a rave.
I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.