Wait, he's serious?

[House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan's] budget would repeal ObamaCare, including the money-saving Independent Payment Advisory Board, cutting $1.2 trillion in federal outlays. It turns Medicaid into a block grant program for states, which would save $732 billion over 10 years. It essentially aims to privatize Medicare, offering enrollees in 2024 the choice of a private plan, while raising the age of eligibility and means tests for high income seniors. All told, more than half of the $5.1 trillion would come from health care savings. The document, provided on an embargoed basis to reporters, did not provide detailed budgetary outlays, but rather an overview of the budget’s goals.

Man, fuck that guy.

The Ryan budget is of course not going to pass, but it does provide a very important service for Republicans: It normalizes their cuts and makes their agenda seem more reasonable in comparison. I wrote about this gambit last October during the government shutdown, and it's absolutely happening again. Ryan keeps lurching our expectations further and further to the right, and he keeps dragging mainstream political expectations along with him.