University of Arizona students rioted after their basketball team lost on Saturday night, Mediaite's Luke O'Neil reports:

As riots go, it wasn’t much to speak of, with little damage reported, 15 arrests, and no serious injuries, according to the Arizona Daily Star. That’s thanks in large part to the brave efforts of hero cops like the one who blindsided a female student who was trying to walk back to her car, as seen in a video taken by student Phoebe Landolt.

Here's the video.

O'Neil says the Tuscon PD feels satisfied with the work they did on Saturday night. I'm frankly shocked that the woman is still standing by the end of the video after the way the officer plowed into her.(I can't tell if the person who says "call the cops" in the video after the woman gets hit is joking or not.) And it should be noted that she got off fairly easy, as far as police violence goes. People of color get worse treatment than this from the police all the time in America.