1. Because Facebook wasn't already creepy enough, they're getting into the drone business. Apologists will point out that Facebook's drones are going to help the developing world get online. Realists will point out that all the so-called tech giants have basically been nothing more than a funnel for US data collection in the past, so that's likely to happen again. Here's the most important paragraph, from Quartz's Leo Mirani:

Though Facebook says it will use the drones to provide internet access, Ascenta’s systems were ”designed for survey and real-time monitoring of detected signals or targeted information,” and they “can be launched and recovered from a small footprint and [are] ideal for border surveillance, anti-poaching, communications intercept or private comms.”

Tell me this isn't more than a little creepy.

2. In lighter news, Dunkin Donuts wants to put a little sugar on top of your sugar:

Paging Emily Nokes! I feel like this is your moment to shine, Emily. You're in a band that wrote a song about Peeps, you write a very popular candy column for Slog, and you're right now touring on the East Coast, where the streets are paved in Dunkin Donuts. If you don't write about this for Slog, I will be very disappointed.