As a man who both loves music and wishes it never existed, I like to find sounds that fall right in the middle of those extremes. Behold my newest find, this recording of San Francisco foghorns circa 1987.

From the video’s description:

In the late '80s, my dad recorded the foghorns of San Francisco on tape for my mother. Many of the foghorns in San Francisco Bay can never be heard again as they have been replaced by more advanced technology… There are four separate fog horns audible, each with specific characteristics such as direction, intervals and frequencies; two are single, two are double. I believe two of these are located on the nearby Golden Gate Bridge itself and another may be at Point Bonita on the Marin Headlands, 2.5 miles west of the bridge.

I’ve been listening to it in the background for the past four hours. It’s humid but cool ambient music, as thick as the fog that necessitated the aforementioned horns. Now I can listen to something without having to, you know… listen to it.