Electronic musician/DJ Floating Points, real name Sam Sheperd is, by my estimation, one of the most exciting dance producers out there right now; more confident and unaffected than Four Tet’s recent work but with the same ear-wormy, endorphin-triggering attention to melody, groove and jazzy syncopated goodness. He’s been a reliable source for forward-thinking club music for quite some time.

His newest release, the epically-titled "King Bromeliad" is now streaming on Soundcloud. I advise you to peep it (above) immediately.

Though it doesn’t quite hit the same drowsily euphoric spikes as early career highlight “Love Me Like This," I'm honestly not sure what could:

The little shimmering drone in the background, the buttery-smooth solo around four minutes in—the whole thing feels like eating caviar in a hot tub on your spaceship. It's amazing.

Nonetheless, I’m supremely loving Points’ Rhodes-flecked, loose-limbed recent takes on house and any new material popping up from him is worth your time if you, like me, enjoy the aforementioned feeling of imaginary gourmet food in zero gravity, and the appropriate score for such an evening. "King Bromeliad" will be out soon on Shepherd's own Eglo Records, according to the incorrigibly British nerd music magazine FACT.