• Charles Mudede

Officer Daniel Auderer contacted the manager of Lost Lake Cafe, who reported that a man has been turning the power off for the entire restaurant by “switching the breaker to the off position." It's happened "five times in recent weeks," though it's not clear if the alleged culprit is the same person doing it each time.

Every time this is done, the restaurant is thrown into confusion: grills suddenly die, food has to be thrown away, the place is dark, it takes forever for the system to reboot, customers leave, and hundreds of dollars are lost. Auderer ends the report by stating that a man fitting the description given by the manager—black male, slender, walking with a limp— was later arrested for property destruction.

I did not include the police report in this post because it reveals exactly how the power can be switched off not just for the restaurant, but the whole building, and I’m not in the business of encouraging this kind of costly and soul-crushing mischief.