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Tonight in Music: Atomic Bride, Derelicts, Spyn Reset and Lesbian!

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Combining the stylish science-fiction jams of Glass Candy and the far-out danceability of the Carrie Nations, Atomic Bride high kick their way into the deepest corners of spacey psychedelia and blaze their own unoccupied niche in the Seattle music scene. Though their groovy ’60s influences are transparent, their originality guarantees they’re more than a retro act. With a rhythm section of danceable, heavy bass lines and visceral drumming to bring the band back into the earthly stratosphere, the result is catchy, nervy songs, complemented by co-vocalists Astra Elane’s Shocking Blue-worthy contributions and Chris Cool’s Cramps-by-way-of-Thurston Moore delivery. Adding to their eclectic mix of influences, Atomic Bride’s most recent release, Electric Order, was produced by industrial-music superstar Bill Rieflin. Come bask in their nuclear glow within the dark underbelly of Barboza. With Gladiators Eat Fire, Ghost Town Riot and Keaton Collective. BREE MCKENNA
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(Highline) “Assholes Unite!” This seems to be the self-proclaimed slogan for this Derelicts reunion show—the first time these ye-olde-timey Seattle punks have played in 21 years. The Derelicts formed in 1987, but they were NOT a part of that Seattle scene that was about to explode (the one that rhymes with “sponge”)—the Derelicts played faster, messier, more hardcore music—describing it as “punk fueled by alcohol and hate!” They released music on both Empty Records and Sub Pop. There were still live shows at the Vogue downtown, you could still buy vinyl at Fallout Records, and other bands like Gas Huffer and the Gits were just getting their start. I hear the Derelicts used to cover one of my favorite punk anthems of all time, originally by Frantix, called “My Dad’s a Fuckin’ Alcoholic.” If they play this, I will shotgun a fuckin’ Rainier. With Last Gasp, Tom Price Desert Classic and the Lucky Boys. KELLY O
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(Triple Door) Spyn Reset spring out of the Denny Way Music School in Capitol Hill, a house where bassist/guitarist Evan McPherson lives and hosts Thursday night improv jams with a dedicated core of local musicians and those just happening to pass by/through the area. (Members of Moby Grape, Heart, and Industrial Revelation have dropped in over the last couple of years.) The players in Spyn Reset—who also include keyboardist YASU and drummer Pierson Martin—possess a fluid finesse with funk, jazz, and fusion maneuvers. There’s a slickness here, but it doesn’t come off as sterile virtuosity. Spyn Reset apply their elite technique to create songs that are at once structurally challenging and melodically accessible—a difficult feat. Now they’re billing themselves as an “electro progrock” band, which makes me think of Herbie Hancock and Dr. Patrick Gleeson jamming on ARPs and Moogs with the florid and propulsive attack of Gentle Giant or Passport. Let us hope this is the case. DAVE SEGAL
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Heavy rock of the Pacific Northwest stoner variety runs rampant tonight at CCT. Good to Die Records mainstays Sandrider balance seething aggression with grooves subliminally laced with THC. Their new album’s called Godhead and they have the chops, satisfyingly grinding riffs, and glowering power not to make you ridicule that title. Sandrider probably still haven’t touched down on Earth from their December appearance on Monday Night Football. Lesbian have been one of my favorite Seattle metal bands since their 2007 album Power Hor. No local metal band possesses a better grasp of dynamics than do Lesbian. They’ve only gotten better since then, peaking with 2013’s Forestelevision, a 44-minute album-length track of stunning peaks and troughs. It’s a masterpiece of progressive-rock draped in the leaden shroud of doom metal. Lords of the North are just straight-up solid stoner rockers who have absorbed, via Ozmosis, Black Sabbath’s first four classic LPs. DAVE SEGAL
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