The weather's getting nice, and spring is on its way! What does that mean? Other than a million daffodils and lovely sundresses that have quietly hung in closets for six months, it's a season that seems to herald increased street harassment. Maybe that's just anecdotal, but it sure feels that way.

Cienna wrote about street harassment on Slog last spring, and half the ladies of The Stranger then co-wrote a comic guide to responding to harassment, but what about bystanders? What are you supposed to do, asked lots of people, if you see this happening on the street?

Well, Hollaback Pittsburgh has some tips for bystanders in one quick image: has more rad talk about responding to street harassment—for both victims and bystanders—right over here. And remember: politely checking in with the target of the harassment is a good first step. A simple "Are they bothering you?" or "Are you okay?" can make someone at a lonely bus stop feel worlds safer.