Grownup gummies.
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I'm not all that crazy about gummy candy, but sometimes you just want something sweet and soft that's not going to tear your mouth up (and before you start frothing at the mouth in the comments about hooves: I know). Months ago, I was at a gas station in Indiana when I came across a kind of Haribo called Juicy Gold-Bears. From what I understand from gummy enthusiasts, Gold-Bears are the gold standard, so I picked up a bag. I initially thought the "juicy" meant a Gusher-esque goo middle, but it turns out they're just Haribo Gold Bears with waaaaay better flavors! Very adult flavors: pear, black currant, peach, lime, and raspberry. More subtly sweet and less "brightly" flavored than the original bears—think primary colors versus in-between colors like mauve and teal and avocado—these are the best gummy bears I have ever had. So, when I saw these new bears at Grocery Outlet a few months ago in Seattle, I was very excited but also worried (excited I'd found them again; worried because Groc Out is often a poorly-selling new product's last dance). But don't you worry, in my recent travels, I've seen them in Oregon and also at a gas station in the middle of the California dessert this morning.

The adult gummies are the same size and texture as the original bears, and the ingredients on the back list intriguing things like concentrates from spinach, nettle, kiwi, and more. I'd say they're probably most comparable to the also-very-adult-tasting wine gum flavors, if I'm remembering how those taste correctly. Highly recommended!


Oh hey, I also have breaking news on these new Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs. I'm assuming you already like Mini Eggs, because you're not a monster, so these are the exact same, only dark chocolate. SO! If you like dark chocolate, then you will probably like these. If you're more of a milk-chocolate person, then the original variety are going to be more your speed. Duh. I don't know why I thought there might be any other verdict. The Royal Dark eggs have deeper shell colors, and even though I'm coming around to dark chocolate as my tastebuds get more fancy, the original Mini Eggs are simply too hard to top in my book. (Although I have heard rumors of white chocolate Mini Eggs existing, so I will keep my mind open on this one.)

Taste subject 1, Lelah: "I like them both, but I prefer dark chocolate, so I think I like these ones better."

Taste subject 2, Eric: "I like milk chocolate better usually. The originals are better."