About 14 years ago, I bought a copy of your "Savage Love" book of columns at a thrift store and snuck it home. I was 16 and incredibly sexually curious, but had received only the absolute minimum in the way of sex ed (and it was by way of a James Dobson/Focus on the Family book about being a teenager). In case it isn't obvious, I was also homeschooled and being raised by my well-meaning but ultra-conservative, Missouri-Synod Lutheran parents. Misinformed about sex doesn't even begin to describe it. I was told the usual nonsense: that sex was physically pleasing for men, emotionally pleasing for women, anything but straight was sin, only men masturbated(and sinned by doing so), and that sex was a horrible, terrible, life-destroying thing that should be reserved for that special someone you marry.

Your book opened my eyes to another world and was followed up by a flurry of internet searches. I thought I didn't like guys because they made me feel the same as girls did—I soon came to realize that I was bisexual and a lot more made sense!

Several years ago my BF and I moved in together and aside from the eternal damnation that is sure to follow, we're still very happy together in our GGG/kinky/often-BDSM relationship. Every time we spend time with my family, he comments on how different I am from them. I always give you credit for showing me the light. Thank you!

Good Girl Gone

Thanks for the nice note, GGG, but I have to say... I can't stand the sight of that book. There are just too many typos, the design is awful, and I no longer agree with a few of my responses. But, hey, I'm glad my early collection of columns helped you out. Best to you and the BF.