Obamacare Enrollment Numbers: Way up.

Reconsider the Lobster: A new study suggests that crabs and lobsters probably feel pain.

Too Many Hypothetical Cars: Why does the United States Department of Transportation keep hugely overestimating the demand for automobiles?

Off the Pot: A Colorado barber takes a stand:

A barber shop in Greeley refuses service to people who smell like marijuana.

The owner of Hugo’s Barber Shop said he felt he had to step in when it got bad.

“I feel that it’s my right to make the statement. It’s the same thing as no shoes no service,” said shop owner Hugo Corral.

Oh, Hey, Here's a Sexist Thing: Did you know that men are spending more money on clothing worldwide? That's news. It's interesting! But Quartz headlines their post about it "The rise of man-shopping in five studly charts." Because apparently, all shopping is by definition "woman-shopping" unless otherwise stated. Quartz also quotes Euromonitor as calling it "the global menaissance.” Why is it any time a male-related trend-piece pops up, the media has to candy-coat the trend in stupid words like "manscape" or "metrosexual" or "menaissance?" Can't we do better than this? I think we can.

Getting the Flappy Band Back Together: Flappy Bird might come back.

Fletch Lost: I think Jason Sudeikis is a pretty good comic actor, but I really don't like the idea of him playing Fletch. Kevin Smith's dream of Jason Lee starring as Fletch felt, to me, much closer to the idea of the book.