(Tractor) The awkwardly named Moistboyz were founded by “Dickey and Mickey Moist,” aka Guy Heller and Mickey Melchiondo—better known as Dean Ween of renowned weirdo-rock outfit Ween. Taking a great deal of the Pennsylvania band’s underlying absurdity and left-field humor but adding a more aggressive punk edge to it, the results are crude and hilarious burners with titles like “Shitheel,” “Chickendick,” and “I Don’t Give a Fuck Where the Eagles Fly.” Similarly experimental-punk LA duo Qui (who, like Moistboyz, have also released an album on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records label) are a bit lighter on the bodily-function humor, but are still an incredibly ideal opener for this bill. Expect both bands to perform plenty of fan favorites along with selections from their 2013 albums Moistboyz V and Life Water Living. MIKE RAMOS
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(Barboza) Angel Olsen is the newly minted singer-songwriter with a devastating vibrato and a whole world of regret on her back. Over sparse, spacious guitars, her eerily placid vocals relay tales of heartbreak and cryptic sadness, making her often sound like the blank-eyed survivor of some serious emotional trauma. Her compositions tend toward the simple but not simplistic, relying on repeating patterns of a few chords as she sails dreamily away, wishing for something easier; someone to take the weight off her shoulders. Opening for Angel are local heartstring-tugger Shenandoah Davis and Irish troubadour Cian Nugent. KYLE FLECK
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(Josephine) Here’s a schizo bill. On one side, very bluntly speaking, you have the negative energy of Dried Up Corpse and WLISPS. On the other, the positive vibrations of New Weather and Ecstatic Cosmic Union. Dried Up Corpse is the noise project of Seattle’s Stan Reed, experimental-music veteran and member of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, so you know his set’s going to be an intense grind and mind-scouring ordeal. One-man Seattle band WLISP (aka Malaki Stahl) unleashes enigmatic spores of distorted, mangled sounds that make you feel like you ingested some dubious magic mushrooms (compliment). By stark contrast, Ecstatic Cosmic Union create gently chugging, subtly trance-inducing space rock with vocals that wouldn’t hurt a fly. New Weather are area leaders in highly propulsive, deep-space-trekking electro rock. Their self-titled debut LP on New York’s Butterscotch Records ranks as one of the best from this town last year. Also: Tonight’s the record release party for WLISPS’s PLURALS album on local label Impko. DAVE SEGAL
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