MiaMea culpa!

In the print edition of this past week’s Stranger, I ever-so erroneously… well. Let’s start at the beginning.

As you know damn good and well, I’m simply MAD about drag brunches. I’ve certainly made no secret of it. Among these is “Mimosas with Mama” at the Unicorn, featuring the towering pile of drag known far and wide as Mama Tits.

Every few months or so, “Mimosas with Mama” (a Skyscraper Entertainment production) completely changes its program, featuring a brand-new mash-up. They began with their famous “30-Minute Hairspray” (which incorporated elements of John Water’s original film, the Broadway musical, and the newer musical movie version that made me want to murder John Travolta in his sleep). Following that was “Dreamgirls” (same scenario—a hybrid Broadway musical/film version), and they have just busted out their newest number, “The Wicked Wiz of Oz”, where they mash together The Wiz, The Wizard of Oz, and Wicked.

Well! In a fuzzy green haze, my fingers typed total lies (as they sometimes do), and the print version of the Homosexual Agenda claimed that local drag performer Robbie Turner stars in the show (she stared in “Dreamgirls,” dontcha know). But the truth is, NOPE. She’s off doing all sorts of things other.

So in order to cleanse my karma and clear the record, my lying little fingers would like you to know that “The Wicked WIZ of Oz” at “Mimosas with Mama” REALLY stars Tipsy Rose Lee (as Glenda), Mama Tits (Elpheba), Isabella Extynn St. James (Dorothy and Madame Morrible), Disco Vinnie (The Scarecrow and Fierro). So there.

I apologize for any puppies that were murdered by my error.

And in order to further make peace with my God, I am giving away TWO FREE PASSES to “Skycraper Entertainment Presents: Mimosas with Mama, The Wicked WIZ of Oz”!

Simply retweet this tweet by 5 p.m. today! Your name will go into the bucket, and a winner will be chosen at random.

Whew! No don’t we all feel so much better? Of course we do.

Mimosas with Mama, The Unicorn, 1 pm, $15, 21+.