This kind of scone is part of the problem.
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  • This kind of scone is part of the problem.

Friend-of-Slog care bear says, "I always love scone discussions on Slog," and directs our attention to this New York Times piece that begins:

The American scone is a confection in crisis. Pale and puffy, supersized and sweet, it has lost its purpose.

Which reminds me, way back in 2008—before the Walrus and the Carpenter, the Whale Wins, and Barnacle—I interviewed Renee Erickson for Edible Seattle. We hung out with her dog Jeffry (maybe named after the Jeffry whose artwork is found in her restaurants?) and I inventoried the contents of her two (2!) refrigerators. Among other things, she said she loves food gifts (“They’re much better than shit you have to throw out"), and she made some really superlative scones—superlight, tender, non-supersized, not too sweet, full of purpose.

And here is Renee Erickson's Boat Street Cafe Scone Recipe. Make it this weekend; you will have no regrets.