That's what was left onstage at the Showbox after Wednesday's Roast the Keblas, which I was unfortunately unable to attend, so thank God for Chris Burlingame at The Sun Break, who offers an entertaining blow-by-blow of the night.

[Keblas] was given a crown and cape, before being escorted to his chair on stage at the Showbox. He removed only the latter. It was a roast, with VIPs from the Seattle arts community alternating between insults and heartfelt adoration for Keblas. Filmmaker Megan Griffiths did a karaoke performance of Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory.”

Ben London, the former chapter president of the Grammys, got in the first barb that made the crowd feel taken aback (in a good way) when he said, “They say it burns to get fired, but now you know how your ex-wife feels.”

Megan Jasper, vice president of Sub Pop Records,....said “James thought SIFF was short for syphilis.” She also said that the perception was that Keblas, a founder of the Vera Project, didn’t have the same background in film as he did in music, but that that wasn’t true. She said, “James actually has a lot of experience in film… He did a fabulous job in Weapons of Ass Destruction, and who could forget Rumpled Foreskin?”

Sir Mix-A-Lot roasted Keblas by video. Mix-A-Lot’s got the most traction for saying that Keblas was “officially a black man” because he was “fucked by the man.”

Read Chris Burlingame's full writeup at The Sun Break here.