Local cartoonist Brad Craft has been drawing cartoons and posting them on his blog for a long time now. Craft works at University Book Store, and it's pretty obvious from the amount of book-themed cartoons he publishes that he's from the draw-what-you-know school. Sometimes he sketches portraits of memorable customers as animals. Other times he publishes caricatures of visiting authors. Sometimes, he'll publish travel guides to places he's been. His new book, The Serial Doodler, is a collection of Craft's cartoons, and it's packed with book humor. He imagines the celebrity memoirs that will follow Morrissey's to the Penguin Classics line (Pia Zadora's 'member Me?). He relates Unique Bookstore Problems ("Neurotic Discount Calendar Envy" is #716). It's an attractive, thick square of a book, and if you spend a lot of time in bookstores, you'll recognize much of what Craft depicts here. You'll probably find yourself in here, too, and if you have any sense of humor at all, you'll definitely laugh. Craft is reading tonight at University Book Store at 7 pm. It's free.

Also tonight, Matt Zoller Seitz reads at Third Place Books from his new book The Wes Anderson Collection, which is a densely illustrated book that provides an overview of all of Anderson's work to date. If you're the kind of killjoy who hates books with pictures, or if you're just self-conscious about your self-consciousness, you should know that at Town Hall tonight, Jennifer Oulette reads from Me, Myself, and Why, which is an exploration of consciousness, and an examination of why it's so all-consuming. That reading is $5.

Tonight is the last night before the Association of Writers and Writing Programs gets started. We've added even more events to our AWP readings calendar, which means we're hovering somewhere around 110 events happening in Seattle between tomorrow and Saturday. Many of these events look incredible. Go check out our AWP calendar, in all its glory.