Impunity for Seattle Cops: Not only that, but the acting police chief misled local officials when he tried to explain away the reversal of the Office of Professional Accountability's misconduct finding against an officer who threatened to harass Dominic. Mayor Murray now looks worse on the issue of police reform than his predecessor did. All those promises to genuinely reform SPD look absurdly hollow at the moment. And seriously:

Still Not Post-Racial: Juries in Washington have been three times more likely to impose the death penalty on black defendants than against white ones, according to a new study. Governor Jay Inslee declared a moratorium on executions last week.

Do It, Inslee: The governor is considering raising the minimum wage for state employees and contractors by as much as $2.50 per hour.

Have We Cancelled the Tunnel Yet? No? Now the state's Department of Transportation and Seattle Tunnel Partners are waiting for experts from Japan to arrive and "digging a shaft" to go in and repair damaged seals.

Protesters Win Out in Ukraine: They seized the office of President Viktor Yanukovich, then the parliament voted him out, and the military said it won't clamp down on the uprising.

Justice In Haiti: A high court ruled on Friday that former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier (also known as "Baby Doc") can be charged with crimes against humanity.

As Usual: China is fulminating over anyone having the temerity to meet with the Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibet who fled into exile after a Chinese invasion in the 1950s.

United Auto Workers Not Backing Down in Tennessee: After workers at a Volkswagen plant rejected the union, the UAW is appealing the vote, citing a "firestorm of interference" from right-wing politicians (who, ironically, typically decry the influence of "big government").

On what were once called turtle-rabbits: