Do City-States Have State of the City-State Addresses? I guess it doesn't matter. Anna Minard talks about what Mayor Murray said at the state of the city address.

Way to Make Friends, Mr. Mayor: The firing of James Keblas was not received well by people in the music and film industries.

Way to Make Friends, SPD: The chief of police overturned the disciplinary action taken against the cop who threatened to harass Dominic Holden at work. Did the police chief mislead the mayor and the city council?

Saw You in Court: Danielle Henderson reports on Musab Masmari's arraignment and his new lawyer.

Book Unfair: First, the AWP Bookfair was going to be closed to the book-buying public for "Seattle tax reasons." Then, the plot thickened. Then, AWP director of conferences Christian Teresi complained about the way people were responding to the story, and he told me that he questioned my "commitment to books" and to communities of literature. Then, AWP announced that the book fair would be free and open to the public, which is a happy ending for everyone. You should go! It's next Saturday, from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

Nobody's Using the Viaduct: Dominic Holden asks whether declining viaduct traffic indicates that a tunnel might not be necessary.

You Say There's a Pole in the Park? Goldy says there's strong support for a Seattle Metropolitan Parks District. Commenters had other opinions.

Rubber on the Road: Sally Bagshaw says the City Council shouldn't regulate rideshares or taxis.

Hold Your Green Thumb: The state's only giving one license per pot grower.

"Ice Dancing Is Indeed a Tawdry Whore" Fnarf had some Olympic-level opinions.

The Week in Goats: These goats can balance like a motherfucker. Also, Stranger Testing Department wins headline of the week for "Goats in the Machine."