The indefatigable Warren Throckmorton at Patheos has assembled an annotated chart of all Mark Driscoll's so-called 'Citation Errors.' The y axis features Driscoll's books, and the x axis is all the books that Driscoll has "borrowed" from. And get a load of this key, describing all the different kinds of "citation errors" on the chart:

R= Recycled Material (using material from a previous work without citation)
P= Plagiarism (as defined in the MLA Style Manual)
FE= Factual Error
G = Ghostwriting

This chart appears to prove that shoddiness is the prevailing theme in all of Mark Driscoll's written work. His silence on this matter is starting to become conspicuous. Wouldn't an admission and apology be the Christian thing to do? What would Jesus do, if someone found a series of intellectually lazy errors (and possibly outright thefts) in his teachings? How do the thousands of people who attend Mars Hill Church and give money to Driscoll's organization feel about this?