• EMC Research

A recent poll has found strong support for creating a Metropolitan Parks District to fund Seattle parks: 61 percent initial support, compared to only 31 percent opposed. The survey of 703 likely 2014 city of Seattle primary voters was conducted by EMC Research, January 16 through 23, on behalf of the Associated Recreational Council, Seattle Parks Foundation, the Zoo, and The Aquarium.

Ideally, we wouldn't keep pushing critical services like parks off-budget. But thanks to the absurd 1 percent cap on regular levy growth in Tim Eyman's stupidly vindictive I-747 (and the cowardly governor and legislators who reimposed it), general fund revenue growth simply cannot keep pace with the cost of maintaining public services. A Metropolitan Parks District would yield substantially more taxing authority than what is available through existing levy capacity, while providing a steady, longterm revenue stream dedicated to parks. A measure creating a Metropolitan Parks District will likely go to voters in the August primary.

The survey also found 75 percent support for a $54 million package (about $168 dollars a year on a $400,000 home) to fund both ongoing maintenance plus continuing investments at parks, the Zoo, and the Aquarium. An alternative $24 million package "that would only include money for critical needs" drops to 65 percent support.

A PDF of the polling memo is available here.