The Olympics Aren't the Only Place We're Breaking Records: KING 5 reports that "record rainfall of 0.74 inches was set in Seattle on Saturday, breaking the old record of 0.50 set in 1994," and the Seattle Weather Blog says, "With 4.33" of rain, this is now Seattle's wettest February in 14 years."

Airplane Hijacked: By an Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot seeking asylum.

Credit Where It's Due: The Seattle Times Editorial Board extracted its head from its ass long enough to reverse its ass-headed support of the death penalty.

These Poor Kids: They exploded themselves messing around with a science-project rocket in the living room:

Both boys were taken to Harborview Medical Center with "fragmentation wounds." Police say the explosion broke out windows in the living room and kitchen, blew open the back door, and propelled some debris out into the back yard.

Americans Less Obsessed With Keeping Out Immigrants, More Interested in Dealing With Reality: A new Gallup poll finds 43 percent of Americans consider border security very important and 44 percent give that priority to dealing with undocumented workers. Previous polls had found Americans made their their top priority building a 50-story concrete wall around the entire country and repeatedly blasting "We Will Rock You" in all directions.

How Dare the Supreme Court Condemn Bad Policy: Republican state senator Mike Baumgartner has introduced three bills to curb the Washington State Supreme Court after getting angry that the justices ruled education funding is inadequate and mandating more funding for schools.

Loonies: A Canadian columnist thinks the world is out to get the country's ice dancing—not that it matters, because it's "a tawdry whore of a sport" anyway.

Tear Jerk?: This should not be news. I should not be posting it. But, lacking for actual news, apparently, every major news outlet is condemning NBC reporter Christin Cooper for going too far and ruining the whole universe by pushing Olympic bronze medalist Bode Miller to tears with a volley of questions about his dead brother. "Intrusive," "Insulting," "Uncomfortable," "Heartless." Oh my:

UPDATE: Charles already posted the morning news, but the schedule says I'm supposed to do the news this week. So should I delete this post or leave it up? A legally binding poll.