Dunn Speaks: Michael Dunn, the white man accused of murdering a black teenager, testified at his trial in Florida today. Some reports say the fight began when Dunn told a car full of teenagers to turn off their "thug" music. Dunn said today that if he said anything along those lines, he likely called it "rap crap." Here's the L.A. Times's roundup. Here's a live blog of the testimony. I would encourage you to follow Ben Montgomery on Twitter; he's an excellent Tampa Bay Times reporter who was in the courtroom today and tweeted out his reactions.

A Journey Down the Amazon: George Packer's long New Yorker piece about Amazon.com is worth your time.

More Room for Garfield: Doonesbury is taking an extended hiatus so cartoonist Garry Trudeau can work on his TV series for Amazon.

Why Not? These drawings of Star Wars re-imagined as an 80s high school movie are all over the internet, so we might as well run them here, too.

"I Will Find a Way to Harm You...If You Fuck with the Mechanics of the Piece" Open Culture published a fax from David Foster Wallace to Harper's.

They Did It. They Dropped the K-Bomb: I love this trailer for Under the Skin. It's puzzling, beautiful, and mysterious. But I do wish that they hadn't used the LA Weekly quote calling director Jonathan Glazer "an heir to Kubrick." That sets the expectations bar way too high.