The Tunnel Is Fucked: And the state officials say a trucking company with a $14 million contract on the project never should have received it, since the company's head allegedly lied about his finances to pose as a "disadvantaged business."

All Eyes on Sochi: But the migrant workers who suffered wage theft and abuse to make the Olympic spectacle possible remain invisible.

Overseas, Broncos Are Super Bowl Champs: Thanks to local religious charity World Vision's much-criticized practice of dumping unused clothing in poor countries, thousands of people are going to wind up wearing the t-shirts printed by the NFL proclaiming the Broncos as Super Bowl champions.

Yes, Catholic Hospitals Discriminate Too: The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that religious nonprofits, while deserving some special protections, can be sued for discrimination—workers in "non-religious roles should still have the right to sue their employers."

Business As Usual: President Obama's nominee for Ambassador to Argentina has never been there. He has, however, bundled hundreds of thousands of Democratic campaign dollars!

Woody Allen Responds to Abuse Allegations: And Dylan Farrow offers a swift rebuttal.

Still a Chance of Snowfall Tonight: Yay!

This Week In Surveillance: The British equivalent of the NSA launched DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks on Anonymous and set up elaborate "honeypot" traps to lure targets into actions that would "discredit" them. Vile stuff: