So you wanna see a show this weekend? Let us help you help yourself (or something) with a quick, drive-by tour of all stuff playing this weekend that we've already sat through. (Or at least gotten a preview taste of.)

Black Like Us at Annex.
  • "Black Like Us" at Annex.

Let's begin with a haiku for the futuristic Ed, Downloaded at WET:

Don't give your girlfriend
Control of your afterlife
When you've been cheating

Here's the rest of our current theater section in three-word bursts:

American Wee-Pie at Seattle Public Theater: Light twee pie.

A Great Wilderness at Seattle Rep: Ex-gay drama, aloof.

The Normal Heart by Strawberry Theatre Workshop: AIDS, '80s, infuriating.

Black Like Us at Annex: Passing —> multigenerational fallout.

The Sleeping Beauty at Pacific Northwest Ballet: Story ballet nerdfest.

Where's Papi? at Eclectic Theater: Fledgling solo performer.

The Room Nobody Knows at On the Boards: Japanese, psychosexual, surreal.

The Icelandic Illumination Rangers at WET: Better than cartoons!

And a three-worder for Ed, Downloaded, because why not? "Bechdel test: fail."

Good luck, everyone!