Anthony McDonald and his then-fiancée in 2008.
  • Anthony McDonald and his then-fiancée in 2008.

Over in comments on my review of Restaurant Roux (GOOD LORD IT IS GOOD!), people are asking: Is it better than Marcela's in Pioneer Square?

Here's my review of Marcela's from 2008. About the owner:

Anthony McDonald is a charmer... If you think you can go to Marcela's Cookery without Anthony learning your name—if you think you're the kind of person who wants to be left alone while they eat—you're wrong. Anthony gets right up to the border of too-close-for-Seattle-comfort, warms up that heart of yours, and brings you with him (in spirit only, unfortunately) back to New Orleans, where he's from...

The food was pretty good, with some hits and some misses. The fried food and sandwiches were among the hits. Marcela's also has an insane mural:

In discussing the astounding rainbow-colored mural at the back of the restaurant, Anthony explains it's meant to represent "all walks of life"—with depictions of a bellhop, a surgeon, a fireman, etc.—saying in closing, "I don't know what the chicks are doin'." Anthony can get away with this. The accent helps. In fact, one of the women is clearly a chef, another an angel with notably prominent nipples. (Like I said: astounding. Also, everyone in the mural has a big glass of wine, including the surgeon in his facemask and scrubs. Health care, New Orleans–style! Let the good times roll.)

In my estimation, Restaurant Roux's food is better than Marcela's, by a long shot. But then Marcela's has its own bountiful charm, as noted above, and I haven't been there in a long time. Anyone else been to both? Or been to Marcela's lately?

Are there any other Creole places that are good? King Creole on Cherry was, but it's closed... here are all our recommended Southern restaurants in Seattle—are we missing anything?

Now I am hungry.