I watched the absolute destruction of the Broncos on a big screen at this location...


This is actually Mesob (now called Shewaber), one of my favorite Ethiopian restaurants in Seattle. The business recently moved from the edge of Little Addis Ababa, 14th and Jefferson, to the edge of Little Saigon, 1221 Main Street. Nothing has changed about the food, but the space is a little smaller than the previous one.

While watching the Broncos' nightmare, I thought about how rugby, the more manly form of this species of sport, was initially a game for the rich. In the 19th century, before the massification of calories, the poor did not have the kind of big bodies needed to handle the challenges and roughness of rugby. The rich, of course, did. How things have changed! In our time, the poor have more calories than they need (indeed, calories are killing them), and the players of this very rough American sport are drawn primarily from the lower classes. It's just a thought.