On Saturday, February 1, when I reported the arrest of Musab Masmari, the suspect in the New Year's Eve arson at Neighbours nightclub, a few folks were curious about a particular detail: Masmari was reportedly enroute to SeaTac airport.

For example, commenter Phil M asked: "How did they know the suspect was headed to the airport? ...Why didn't they stop him when he left home if they knew where he was going?" Today the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office sheds some light.

"Investigators learned that Masmari had a one-way ticket to Turkey on 2-1-14," says a court record released today, which adds that "officers arrested Masmari as he was leaving his house, believed to be on his way to the airport." Among other details: "Passports from the US and Libya were found on his person."

The court has found probable cause, the prosecutors office says, but Masmari waived his court appearance today. He's expected to appear in court tomorrow afternoon for a bond hearing.