Ukrainian Torture: Viewer discretion advised.

Seattle Art Museum Has to Change Its Super Bowl Bet: After First Nations people say they don't want their tribal mask used. Now the wager involves a Japanese screen.

Japanese Public Broadcaster Under Pressure: By the rightist government.

Water Crisis in Iran: One of the largest salt lakes in the world has dried up.

The "Nonprofit" NFL: How the NFL avoids paying taxes.

Merck Will Stop Testing on Chimps: Part of a larger trend away from animal research.

Amazon Stock Falls 9 Percent This Morning: Amazon Prime is too successful; it might cost more soon.

It Does Look Like Satya Nadella Will Take Over at Microsoft: Who is he?

Barneys to Feature 17 Trans Models: In its spring campaign.

"Sequins are fine. Cutouts are not fine. Lunges are more macho than spirals.": A great piece on the sexual politics of the gayest in-the-closet sport, male figure skating.

Amanda Knox is 'Defiant': 'I'm going to fight this until the very end.'

Goldy Was Wrong!: The WA legislature takes up the Dream Act, which would allow children of immigrants to qualify for state financial aid for college.

I Was Wrong! Headline of the Week Is This Instead: "Pope Francis Continues Outreach, Blesses Male Stripper's Parrot." I love this pope. (Always with the birds, this guy.)

American Socialism: In art.

Seattle Remembers: The beloved cat Colonel Meow.

A Ballard Youth Requests the Use of 'Fuck' and 'Shit' on This Post: Fuck! Shit!

The Tacoma ice sculptor Jeremy Mangan is in New York making sculptures that cause reporters to deliver freezing, freezing puns. Play, or beware, the drinking game in which you sip at every ice pun.