Yesterday, the City Council moved unanimously to endorse Seattle's bid to become a UNESCO City of Literature. Now, the ball's in Mayor Ed Murray's court, and the question becomes how much support the city is going to put behind the bid. Is Murray just going to sign the resolution and forget about it, or is he going to actively promote our bid to become a City of Literature? Yesterday evening Ryan Boudinot sent an e-mail to supporters that read, in part:

Here's what I need from you now. Write to the mayor to express your support for our City of Literature bid.

It's easy. Go here.

Let Mayor Murray know that you're one of many readers/writers/booklovers who would benefit from the opportunities City of Literature designation would create...I need everybody to take five minutes to provide your full-throated support. You can tell how serious I am because I'm using a boldface font. So serious I'll also use italics!

There's a difference between ceremonial support and actual support. We need to let Mayor Murray know that this bid is real and it is important. Tell him so, and then ask everyone you know to do the same.