Itching to watch the State of the Union Address tonight (and the several dozen official responses), but can't stand to do it sober and don't want to drink alone? Then join me and the rest of the Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally at the aptly named Union Bar, 5609 Rainier Ave S, for the State of the Union Bar! President Obama's speech starts at 6 pm, we'll be arriving a little before. What better way to celebrate the world's oldest democracy than with a frosty cold beer?

Not interested in drinking with me (you wouldn't be the only one)? Then join me and the rest my Stranger colleagues from your own private SOTU watching party for our unparalleled coverage of tonight's events. We'll be providing in-depth analysis as only Twitter's 140-character-limit can inspire, or you can post your own comments in our coming SOTU Open Thread! Hooray for the Fourth Estate! Also, don't forget Kshama Sawant's Socialist response! Democracy!