You know how Mark Driscoll uses the work of Christian authors in his books without giving credit to them? Warren Throckmorton at Patheos notes that all of a sudden, the Kindle edition of Driscoll's book Real Marriage includes a whole bunch of thanks and attributions that weren't there before:

Throckmorton says:

While some supporters of Mark Driscoll have minimized concerns about plagiarism and inadequate citation, the publishers involved apparently consider the problems to be important. First, Thomas Nelson added an acknowledgment to Dan Allender* in Real Marriage and now the publisher has made more changes in the book to more appropriately cite the Holcombs’ work.

Throckmorton asked Driscoll's publisher about the changes and they replied:

We are aware of the issues that have been raised about Mark and Grace Driscoll’s REAL MARRIAGE, and we are working with the authors to address them as efficiently and effectively as possible in all formats.

Wow. Way to go, Mark Driscoll. If there's one thing publishers love, it's being forced to correct huge portions of books after publication. You're really kicking ass at this whole author thing.