Before We Talk About Sports: It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Take a moment, would you? The Atlantic offers King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail. If you have the day off, here in Seattle you can attend workshops this morning at Garfield High School before a rally and a march through the streets. Do this thing.

Fight for $15! As Goldy pointed out this summer, the march at which King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech was very much focused on economic justice—and one of the marchers' demands was a minimum wage that would be just over $15 today. A huge $15-minimum-wage contingent will join Seattle's MLK Day march, including multiple city council members. Join them.

Do the World a Favor: And don't go shopping today, huh?

Aaaaaand... WE WIN!!! Our sports men did that thing yesterday WOO HOO!!! Dan Savage was there. Macklemore was there. My favorite Seahawk is Marshawn Pinch. OMG WE WIN!!! The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!!! 12! 12! 12!

Super Bowl XLVII = Weed Bowl I: As many people have pointed out, this is the year that both cities representing at the Super Bowl come from states that legalized pot. I hope the rest of the country gets on board much faster now.

In Horribleness: Yesterday's Seahawks win plus today's MLK holiday make it a good time to (if you like torturing yourself) check on the racism-retweeting Twitter feed called Yes, You're Racist. It hurts.

Meanwhile, in non-holiday non-sports news world...

Syrian Peace Talks: Falling apart before they even start, over whether or not Iran is invited.

Iran Curbing Nuclear Enrichment: So says the International Atomic Energy Agency. The US and EU are lifting some sanctions in return.

Obama Says Sensible Things About Marijuana: Eli reported it this morning, but since conservatives have already begun pooping in all their underpantses about it, you should go read what he actually said. (Also, you could probably play some sort of hyperliterate drinking game with David Remnick's über–New Yorker prose, "a spool of cautious lucidity" and all that.)

Speaking of "Economic Justice": A new study finds that the richest 85 people on the planet have a pile of wealth equal to that of the entire poorest half of the planet's population.

And a Morning Video? Sorry for the tacky watermark, but here is MLK the human being (as opposed to the statue/the stamp/the symbol), chatting with Merv Griffin on TV in 1967: